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Listen to the following selections:
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A Little Mexico (LE)
Going Baroque (LE)
Springtime (LE)
Tarantella (Spider at Midnight) (LE)
Southpay Swing (LE)
Sunset over the Sea (LE)
A Cheerful Jig (LE)

Spattered in Fun (LE)

In this collection of white key majors and minors, the pieces are designed to sound more difficult that they really are. This is an excellent way to make your students feel successful playing in different keys. The pieces may be taught individually or in groups of two's (parallel majors and minors).

Backtalk (C major) Midnight Chase (F minor)
Thunderstorm (C minor) Smooth Sailing (G major)
Gliding High (D major) Mysterious Visitor (G minor)
Procession (D minor) A Sunny Day (A major)
The Whiskery Walrus (E major) Autumn Morning (A minor)
Shadow Tag (E minor) A Sunday Stroll (B major)
Tag Team (F major) Rolling Clouds (B minor)

All selections published by Willis Music Company.

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