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Solos by Glenda Austin

Listen to the selected selections:
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Amazing Grace (A) Promenade (MI)
A Little Mexico (LE) Razzle Dazzle Rag (EI)
A Cheerful Jig (LE) Reverie (EI)
Blue Mood Waltz (EI) Samba Serenade (EI)
Candlelight Waltz (EI) Sea Nocturne (A)
Carousel (MI) Silhouette Waltz (EI)
Chromatic Conversation (MI) South Paw Swing (LE)
Classy Caper (EI) South Sea Lullaby (EI)
Entrance of the Clowns (EI) Springtime (LE)
Etude in E (EI) Summertime Blues (EI)

Flamingo Waltz (EI)

Sunset Over the Sea (LE)
Free! (EI)
Tangorific (EI)
Garden in the Moonlight (MI) Tarantella (Spider at Midnight) (EI)
Going Baroque (EI) Valse Brilliante (A)
Jazz Kats (LI) Warm Summer Wind (EI)
Jazz Suite (LI) Western Jamboree (EI)
Jazz Suite #2 (A)  

Glenda, David, and the recording
crew in Minobu, Japan

Duets by Glenda Austin

Bavarian Holiday (I) Valse Elegante(A)

All selections published by Willis Music Company.

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© Copyright 2003 Glenda Austin